We provides one stop solutions services for design, printing & packaging material sourcing, packaging and logistics services.  We provide flexible, cost-effective and efficient customized solutions to our customers in the gaming, entertainment, toys, publishing, education, consumer goods & cosmetic industries.

Packaging design | Gift packaging | Cosmetic packaging | Skin care product packaging | Health product packaging | Seasoning packaging | Toy disassembly and assembly | Environmentally friendly packaging | Inventory management system | E-commerce | Logistics and distribution | Express logistics

Our major services:

Design :
Printing & packaging materials design.

Sourcing :
Printing & packaging materials, Plastic & biodegradable plastic products.

Packing  :
Cosmetic & Skin Care, Gift pack, e-Commerce, Games, Switch, Vinyl records, CD, SACD, Health product, Seasoning products, Toy disassembly and assembly E-commerce Environmentally friendly & nutrition supplements products.

Storage :
Standard warehouse storage, e-Commerce products, Music & Games products.

Delivery :
Local delivery & overseas Air / Ocean shipping arrangements.

Our office is located in Hong Kong – the international city at the heart of Asia
whether you are going to China or other Asian cities

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